In this five-session training, you will explore an intriguing concept: What if every follower of Christ understood their purpose within their own circles of influence? MyCircle Training will enable you to impact people’s lives for eternity through sharing the good news about Jesus.

MyCircle Training is thoughtfully designed for individuals at any stage of faith. From embracing God’s mission as the foundation of evangelism, identifying personal networks, offering daily prayers for those around them, actively engaging weekly with others, all the way to sharing stories and spreading the Gospel monthly – these fundamental steps will guide you towards living an intentional life filled with grace-filled moments.



Before you get access to MyCircle Training, you should know there are a few ways you can engage with the course content.

  1. Individually – Watch the video content and work through the integrations independently. MyCircle Training is designed with the individual learner in mind.

  2. Peers – Invite some others to join you on the journey. Have your friends purchase MyCircle Training and study the material with you. Design a schedule for meeting up to discuss the sessions of course content and apply what you are learning. Going through MyCircle Training with your peers will significantly accelerate your growth.

  3.  Church – Purchase the Whole Church Package. All of Christ’s people are on this mission to proclaim Good News! MyCircle Training is ideal for churches who need an operating system for missional evangelism.