In a world where many have drifted away from the profound mission set by Jesus Himself – “In your going, make disciples of all the peoples of the world” (Matthew 28:19) – we find ourselves in a pivotal moment. It’s easy to be drawn to glittering personalities, sensational worship bands, grandiose buildings, and countless social programs. But amidst all this, we must remember that God’s divine purpose remains unwavering: to rescue lost souls and restore them to an intimate connection with Him.



Before you get access to Renovation, you should know there are a few ways you can engage with the course content.

  1. Individually – Watch the video content and work through the integrations independently. Renovation is designed with the individual learner in mind.
  2. Peers – Invite some others to join you on the journey. Have your friends purchase the Renovation course as you did and then collaborate with them, working through the course content. Design a schedule for meeting up to discuss the modules of course content and apply what you are learning to your life, local church, and ministry. Learning with your peers will significantly accelerate your growth.
  3.  Cohort – Invite emerging preachers into an intentional formation process. Plan a time to meet up and discuss the concepts in Renovation as a cohort (small group) to make meaningful applications.