The Preacher course is for the man or woman who feels called to preaching.  You will receive an introduction to exegesis, hermeneutics, and homiletics.  You will find a simple process in these pages that will help you build a structure that is faithful in clarity and faithful to the Text.  Whether you are second career, an elder in your church or a lay leader, if you feel called to preach but don’t have the time or money to go to seminary, this is a great place to start.



Before you get access to The Preacher, you should know there are a few ways you can engage with the course content.

  1. Individually – Watch the video content and work through the integrations independently. The Preacher is designed with the individual learner in mind.
  2. Peers – Invite some others to join you on the journey. Have your friends purchase The Preacher course as you did and then collaborate with them, working through the course content. Design a schedule for meeting up to discuss the modules of course content and apply what you are learning to your preaching. To become a great preacher takes a lot of time and a lot of feedback. Doing The Preacher course with your peers will significantly accelerate your growth.
  3.  Cohort – Invite emerging preachers into an intentional formation process. Plan a time to meet up and discuss the concepts in The Preacher as a cohort (small group) to make meaningful applications.  The cohort experience allows preachers to preach in front of each other and receive real-time feedback.