Session Objective

Explore ongoing transformation into the image of Jesus so that you can more fully represent Jesus.
Fullness of life and ministry fruitfulness will be explored as direct results of deepened intimacy with Jesus
through ongoing dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Key Outcomes

  • Grow in intimacy with the Lord and dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • Develop ongoing spiritual disciplines.
  • Develop practices that help you grow in personal integrity.

Session Activities

Required Readings:
1. The Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer
2. Wholly Sanctified, by A.B. Simpson or The Pursuit of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges
3. Broken Windows of the Soul, Don Lichi

Required Experiences:
1. Buy a journal. Begin the practice of recording significant moments with the Lord.
2. Schedule and plan a day for silence and solitude to pray and listen. Determine how to make this a
regular part of your life rhythm and schedule dates on your calendar.
3. Establish an accountability relationship with someone you trust and determine what this relationship
needs to consider in helping you with your spiritual integrity and formation.
4. Create a year-long ministry/personal calendar and an annual household budget. Discuss this
assignment with your mentor regarding stewardship of money, time, and ministry skills. Identify
stewardship areas that need improved and determine a course of action.
5. Write a 1-page Pastoral Code of Ethics to describe how you will approach ministry, leadership,
travel, and counseling to ensure healthy relationships with co-workers, volunteers, and those to
whom you minister.

Required Assignments:
1. Develop a list of quotes from The Pursuit of God. Choose one quote from each chapter, and then
write a sentence or two as to how the quote will impact your spiritual journey.
2. Read The Pursuit of Holiness or Wholly Sanctified with at least two other people. Discuss each
chapter and explore the places where the Lord seems to identify needed areas of growth.
3. Discuss Broken Windows of the Soul with your mentor. Explore the use of Covenant Eyes or other
such software for technology filters and accountability.

After reading the session overview, complete the activities below.