Session 5: Share Monthly

In this final session of MyCircle Training, you’ll learn the importance of sharing your grace story, articulating the Gospel, using resources and tools effectively, trusting the Holy Spirit, embracing your unique identity, and persevering in the mission. We’ll leave you with a powerful reminder that your labor in the Lord is not in vain, and […]

Session 4: Engage Weekly

Welcome to Session 4 of MyCircle Training: “Engage Weekly.” In this session, we’ll explore the heart of purposeful engagement with your circle. Each lesson builds on the previous one, creating a holistic approach to sharing the Gospel within the context of your relationships. Through these lessons, we will equip you with the tools and insights […]

Session 3: Pray Daily

In Session 3 of MyCircle Training, we will focus on the indispensable role of prayer in our mission. Lesson 12 highlights the “Importance of Prayer in Evangelism.” We recognize that our mission relies on God’s guidance and intervention. Just as a branch depends on the vine for fruit, our mission is rooted in prayer as […]

Session 2: Identify My Circle

In Session 2 of MyCircle Training, we will help you identify and connect with the people in your life who need to hear the Gospel. You’ll learn how to embrace God’s mission by recognizing those in your circle who are open to spiritual matters, those you have a burden for, and those with whom you’ve […]

MyCircle Training

EMBRACE IDENTIFY ENGAGE PRAY SHARE In this five-session training, you will explore an intriguing concept: What if every follower of Christ understood their purpose within their own circles of influence? MyCircle Training will enable you to impact people’s lives for eternity through sharing the good news about Jesus. MyCircle Training is thoughtfully designed for individuals […]

Session 1: Embrace God’s Mission

There is no better way to fully embrace your faith than to align yourself with God’s mission. By dedicating yourself to sharing the good news of Jesus, you not only deepen your own spiritual understanding but also contribute to the redemptive work of God in the world. In session 1 of MyCircle Training Pastor Jim, […]