Things to Remember

As we conclude our journey through MyCircle Training, we reflect on the mission that God has called us to. It’s not just a mission for a select few but for each one of us. We hope this training has inspired you to embrace God’s mission in your daily life and relationships. In this final lesson, […]

Resources and Tools

In this lesson, we explore a crucial aspect of sharing the Gospel effectively: utilizing valuable resources and tools. Pastor Jim will demonstrate how using quality resources can enhance your communication efforts. You will learn about various tools, from the Bible to helpful books, apps, and more. Find out how to leverage these tools to engage […]

The Response

In this lesson, we’ll delve into the pivotal moment that follows sharing the Gospel. It’s a crucial step that involves understanding, questions, and, most importantly, the person’s response. Pastor Jim will help us navigate this moment gracefully without making it uncomfortable. He’ll explore four essential questions that will guide you in this process. In this […]

Sharing The Gospel

In this lesson, Pastor Jim will help sharing the Gospel—the heart of MyCircle Training. The Gospel is about Jesus and His work of redemption. It’s the message of God’s love, forgiveness, and new life through faith in Christ, and it’s what people in our lives need the most. How do we share the Gospel effectively? […]

Sharing your Grace Story

In this lesson, we’ll explore the significance of sharing your personal grace story – the story of how Christ has transformed your life. Your grace story is a powerful tool for pointing others to Jesus and the saving work of the Gospel. Whether you’ve grown up in a Christian home or have a dramatic conversion […]

Carry The Conviction To Share

Our mission as Christ followers is to carry the conviction to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around us. This mission is not abstract; it’s personal and practical. As we engage with our circle, we become the primary instruments of God’s work in the world. While we may not have all the […]

Missionary Ears: Uncovering The Gospel Narrative

In our last session, we learned the importance of asking meaningful questions and listening intently. Now, we’re taking it further by listening with “missionary ears.” This means understanding the overarching narrative that guides their life—Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. We want to discover their unique version of this narrative: Creation Theme: What’s their ultimate authority […]

Initiating Spiritul Conversations

In our last session, we explored the significance of recognizing Gospel entry points within our relationships. These entry points serve as bridges to naturally lead our conversations toward the Gospel. Recognizing them is the first step, but how do we effectively use them when they arise? There are two primary approaches: 1. Asking Thoughtful Questions: […]

Gospel Entry Points

Welcome to Lesson 16 of MyCircle Training: “Gospel Entry Points.” In this lesson, we’ll discover how to naturally guide conversations toward the Gospel by recognizing and using “Gospel entry points” that emerge during interactions with those in your circle. These entry points can come from observing their life and words, personal circumstances, shared experiences, or […]

Meaningful Gospel Presence

Welcome to Lesson 15 of MyCircle Training: “Meaningful Gospel Presence.” In this lesson, we delve into the art of engaging with our presence in a way that reflects the Kingdom of God and the transformative power of the Gospel. We’re not just talking about being physically present but also about the quality of our presence. […]