ElderLife is a system of holistic development for current and emerging local church Elders. The content of ElderLife will help your Elder leadership grow in their life with God, Life with Family, Life on Mission, Life in Ministry, and Life in Leadership. ElderLife is a local church-based developmental system that uses the LEAD Learn platform to provide content for Elders to grow.

Course Contents


Access to all of ElderLife’s 10 sessions is granted to you for 12 months. We have designed ElderLife with the following rhythms in mind. 

  1. Allow 1 month to work through 1 session of content. This pacing will allow you and your Elders to process what the Holy Spirit teaches them through studying the Word and reflecting on course content. 

  2. Each church will get access to materials to facilitate ElderLife group gatherings.

  3. The ElderLife group facilitator will schedule the location, day, and time for your group of Elders to discuss learning content from that session.

  4. To provide the highest levels of learning and integration, Elders will engage with assignments independently and then come together for their group gathering to teach their peers what they have learned through conversation.
We desire ElderLife to be a system of holistic development your church will use to raise the leadership level of both current and future Elders. Utilizing video lessons that get right to the point, books to read, integrative questions to consider, and Elder team discussions, ElderLife provides the local church with an intentional environment development. This developmental environment is simple and repeatable, and will grow your current and future local church Elders.