What would it look like if every follower of Christ realized that God has placed them around the people they live with for a purpose?

What would it look like if Christ-followers realized that their purpose was to allow those same people to see the Gospel in action, to proclaim its message lovingly, and to give them a chance to respond?

The heart behind MyCircle Training is to help equip the people of God to participate in God’s redemptive mission within the context of their daily lives and relationships by helping them understand how to:

  1. EMBRACE God’s Mission as the foundation of evangelism
  2. IDENTIFY their network of relationships
  3. PRAY daily for those in their circle
  4. ENGAGE weekly with the people in their circle
  5. SHARE their grace story and the Gospel monthly with the people in their circle.

MyCircle is a helpful tool for people of all levels of faith. It provides practical advice on living a life of mission and helps participants understand underlying theology. MyCircle offers a supportive community for accountability, encouragement, and prayer. Participants will be moved, challenged, equipped, and inspired to live a missionary life.